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Wholesale Spirulina

Better than organic.
Next level sustainability.
Partnerships that change the world.

Powdered spirulina in a white bowl


Verlina is a wholesale supplier of spirulina, partnering with top retail brands to offer the most sustainable, highest quality product available. We offer both fresh, living spirulina and fresh, freeze dried spirulina. Our producers are family farmers who take pride in the quality of every batch of spirulina they grow.  Verlina donates 10% of our net profits to help combat global malnutrition.


Next Level Sustainability

Verlina works with family farms to convert poultry houses to spirulina production. This conversion means poultry houses no longer produce manure, thereby eliminating a significant source of harmful ammonia and nitrogen. This is great news for nearby waterways and groundwater sources. In addition, the conversion process requires extensive environmental mitigation that eliminates contaminates. 

Chicken houses with crops visible in front
Farmer tossing young daughter in the air

Saving Family Farms

We are passionate about helping farmers retain and care for their land. Fortunately, converting to spirulina production isn't just good for the environment, it's good for farm families. Times have been tough as the economics of poultry production have become less favorable. Verlina helps farm families diversify their income by converting a portion of their operations to spirulina production. It's a true win-win!

Conquering Malnutrition

Our true passion for spirulina derives from its potential to conquer malnutrition. We donate 10% of net profits to communities suffering from inadequate nutrition. When you source spirulina from Verlina, you are helping fight malnutrition in vulnerable populations. That's a great feeling, and it's a great story to share with your customers, too!

Hungry child holding up a bowl


Freeze dried spirulina in a jar

Innovative Process = Innovative Products

Verlina's enclosed production process protects our spirulina from environmental contaminates and eliminates the need for pesticides, algaecides, and herbicides. We use none of these. Does that make our product better than organic? We think so!

We offer both fresh, living spirulina and fresh, freeze dried spirulina. We will work with you to determine the bulk packaging solution that best meets your needs. 


We love talking spirulina! Let's discuss the product and packaging configurations that will best meet your needs.

Jeanne Scharf, Owner & Family Farmer

443.831.3458  |  Email

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